Average gross monthly salary in United Kingdom is
10% 1,231 GBP
90% 3,335 GBP
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Description of job position

  • Carrying out measurements of the access networks.
  • Setting up and moving telecommunication services.
  • Installing and configuring the terminals.
  • Installing and configuring the communication software.
  • Removing the incurred malfunctions.

Position Technician - Telecommunications in the labour market

The job position is
in the salary ranking of

Women representation in position

Average age of respondent by position

742. place

Nursery School Teacher Assistant

Education, Science & Research

Salary group 1

737 - 1,845 GBP

510. place


Journalism, Printing Arts & Media

Salary group 2

1,611 - 2,829 GBP

509. place



Salary group 2

1,231 - 3,335 GBP

508. place

Bicycle mechanic

Service Industries

Salary group 2

1,496 - 2,981 GBP

1. place

Chief Executive Officer

Top Management

Salary group 3

3,917 - 17,518 GBP

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